How can I make an online car reservation?

It is actually quite easy to make a reservation by visiting our website To accomplish this, follow the steps below: Select the location, the dates and the car you desire to rent. Next, you have to fill in the reservation form provided by the website, the driver’s personal data as well as the information of the payment. Our system receives automatically your information and confirms the availability of the vehicle. As soon as we confirm the reservation, you will get an e-mail including all necessary information in order to collect the car you have selected as well as the name of the supplier, the location and the hours of collection and return of the car.

Why is the flight information required?

It is important to mention in your reservation form your flight number and the city of departure in order to offer the best possible service.

Can I make a car reservation for today?

On our website you can make a reservation up to 24 hours in advance. If you require a car for the same day, please contact us by telephone.

What is the rental period and how is the daily price calculated?

The car rental is calculated on a 24-hour basis from the vehicle pickup. This means that if you rent a car for 10 days e.g. on May 5 at 12:00, you have to return the car on May 15 not later than 13:00 so as not to pay an extra day.

A valid credit card in the driver’s name is necessary for the safety of the car. You can also pay the value of the rental in cash, with a debit or a credit card?

A valid credit card in the driver’s name is necessary for the safety of the car. You can also pay the value of the rental in cash, with a debit or a credit card.

How can I pick up the car at the airport?

Once you have collected your luggage, head towards the exit, where an employee of eurorentcars will meet you at the arrival hall in order to deliver the car.

When you pick up the car, check and note on the rental agreement if there are any possible damages or problems.

Moreover, do not fail, while returning the car, to supervise it with the aid of our collaborator in order to avoid additional costs.

Can I collect and deliver the car outside normal working hours?

We provide services of car delivery 24 hours a day, from 07:00 to 21:00 without any charges. Other than these hours, when you visit the website and you fill in the details of your reservation, a nightly charge is automatically included.

How can I pay for the rental car?

By making a reservation via our website, a small amount is advanced in order to book the car and the balance is paid when picking up the rental car.

Are there any additional charges in the pickup location seeks, with certain exceptions, to define final prices for the various coverages and extra benefits through the Internet without extra charges.

Can I do a one-way rental?

If you wish to return the rental car to a different location than the one you picked up the car from, you can have automatically the cost of this selection by visiting our website.

How can I be informed if my reservation is valid?

When we get a reservation request, we process it as soon as possible and then we send you a confirmation e-mail, which you should print and bring with you in order to pick up the car.

What is the fuel policy?

You should return the car with the same quantity of fuel as shown at the time of pickup. If you collect a car with half tank of fuel, you must deliver the car with the same amount of fuel (half tank). This also applies to the case of a car that is supplied with a full tank.

There may be no refund for unused fuel.

Can I cancel or amend my reservation?

The cancelation of a reservation is offered free of charge at any time until 48 hours prior to the start of the rental. You are asked to contact us via e-mail in order to cancel your reservation and make rental cars available for other clients. It is useful to make a new reservation through the website, which annuls the previous one.

Is there a refund of money in case of returning the car earlier than the date written in the rental agreement?

If you need to return your car before the scheduled date, please let us know in advance and this does not necessarily involve any refund of money for the days that you will not use the car.

What can I do in case of a breakdown or an accident?

In case of a breakdown or a mechanical problem you have to call the car rental company which will solve your problem as soon as possible. Moreover, in case of an accident you should contact the police and your road assistance company.

The prices have been modified since the last time I visited the website.

The prices may be modified and adapted at any moment, even during the same day, depending on the completeness and availability of cars. Make sure you book early in order to get the lowest price.

The prices have been modified since the last time I visited the website.

The prices may be modified and adapted at any moment, even during the same day, depending on the completeness and availability of cars. Make sure you book early in order to get the lowest price.

Which is the rental car insurance coverage?

Usually, when you rent a car, the insurance includes your participation in case of an injury, even without fault on your part (you pay an amount that ranges between 500 € and 1300 €, depending on the size of the car).

With an additional cost, you can be exempt from this participation in any possible damage of the rental car paying NO participation, except in the case of damages to the upper and lower sections of the car, crystals, wheels and tires.

By paying a little extra cost, you enjoy an insurance coverage when it comes to tires, wheels, glasses, upper and lower section of the car (hail, various extreme weather phenomena etc.).

It should be noted that there are points and sections that are not covered by any insurance, such as the loss or damage of keys and locks of the car, damages to the wallpaper or child car seats, the accessories and the instruments of the car such as windscreen wipers, fuel cap, lost or stolen spare parts of the car (keys, tire iron, wheel trims), the loss of documents and registration plate, driving on non-asphalt roads or in contravention of road traffic laws, the wrong fuel supply, the damage of radio/CD player, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the costs of car towing, the personal belongings inside the car, the telephone costs, the overnight stays, the transport costs.

Is it possible to rent a specific-type car?

We confirm reservations only for the car class of and not for a specific model, because this is impossible to happen during the summer period.

What documents are required in order to rent a car?
  • Driving license issued at least one year before the pickup of the vehicle 
  • ID or passport
  • Credit card in the driver’s name
  • Copy of the reservation
What are the minimum and maximum age limits for renting a car?

The minimum age limit is 23 years old while the maximum age limit is 75 years old.

Can I rent a car across borders?

In general, the exit of cars outside the Greek borders is not allowed, except under certain circumstances and after proper consultation with the company.

Can I take the rental car to an island?

This is possible only after having received the written consent of the company with an additional charge.

Who can drive the car?

The persons who signed and are mentioned in the rental agreement have the right to drive the car.

How can I extend the rental period?

Please contact us as soon as possible, if you desire to extend the car rental, in order to examine the possibility to extend the rental period.

Are personal data protected?

All data provided in our website are sent fully encrypted so as nobody else can see them. You can check the safety certificate on our website.

This website shall be intended for personal use and through which you can receive information and make car rental reservations respecting at the same time the terms and conditions that comprise the total agreement. You should not use this website for any other purpose.

If you do not agree to any part of this agreement, PLEASE REFRAIN USING THIS WEBSITE.

Is it safe to use my credit card on this website?

Privacy Policy

We do not sell or rent the information received or provided by you to any third party, respecting the privacy of our clients.

Safety Statement

Our website has taken all appropriate safety measures to protect the personal data of our clients. Our safe servers have been designed to prevent unauthorized devices accessing the network by using modern safety technology. Additionally, instead of Comodo, we are offering, a safe certification that provides secure data transfer and storage in SSL encrypted form. The credit card numbers are not kept in our reservation system in order to reduce the abuse by our personnel at any moment.